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Up-Zoning Request Notice: 335 West Schiller — October 13, 2017

Up-Zoning Request Notice: 335 West Schiller

More Bad news for Density in our Neighborhood.  The developer for 335 West Schiller (This is across from Old Horse Stables, what has become defacto dog park) wants to up zone to B3-5, do 4K sq.ft. of Retail with 101 foot high residential building, probably 9 stories with 98 dwelling units.

That will be the tallest building in the neighborhood.

See attached notice sent to neighbors within 250 feet.

Zoning Change Request – 335 W. Schiller

West Old Town Mission — October 11, 2017

West Old Town Mission

Our mission is to enrich the lives of community members and to encourage growth and development in a manner that is respectful to all. We value our history, culture and diversity.

The West Old Town Neighbors Association is comprised of all neighbors living in the areas west of Wells and east of the river. We live in a diverse and vibrant neighborhood and want to ensure that the needs of residents are considered and voiced. We embrace city living and want to get to know our neighbors!

The News & Events page enables communication and sharing. Check it out. Comments and posts about neighborhood development are encouraged.

We meet the second Tuesday of even numbered months, 6-7 pm at Eva’s Cafe, 1447 N Sedgwick.

Father & Son Plaza development — September 19, 2017

Father & Son Plaza development

Alderman Hopkins held many meetings with residents and developers about this project. It was a good process and enabled many to learn about the current and proposed up zoning. I am glad that Ald. Hopkins voted against the up zoning as the current zoning will enable a large new housing and retail development without the increased density that was requested. Thank you Alderman Hopkins. Here is the dnainfo article: